Maid Services

Your home is your safe haven, its where you come to relax after a long day of work, errands and other outside responsibilities. And for some, it's where you’ve been working from too. No matter how you live, when you are home, you don’t want to be bogged down with household chores like laundry, dishes or getting the guest room ready for a last-minute visitor. Time may not be available for the tiny details of making beds, dusting, polishing and vacuuming. But that doesn’t mean it’s left undone. Trust K.I.U. Cleaning to get it clean for you with just a few clicks of a mouse.

And requesting extra's like inside appliances, windows, baseboards and dish washing are FREE!!!

Be comforted in knowing that the K.I.U. Team Members in your home have been background, drug and reference checked as a part of our hiring process to make sure they are a good fit for our company and our clients. We also prescreen our employees for COVID-19 daily.

Here’s our general cleaning list for all Maid services.


⦁ Remove all cobwebs (above & below) and dust air vents
⦁ Clean and Disinfect all doors, doorknobs, light switches, cabinet handles and top surfaces (countertops etc)
⦁ Sweep/Mop/Vacuum carpet, rugs and floors throughout
⦁ Dust/Polish all Granite, Leather and/or Wood
⦁ Dust all knick knacks and miscellaneous items
⦁ Collect all trash and dispose of it


⦁ Detail clean and disinfect toilet, sinks, counters and doors
⦁ Clean splash marks on walls by toilet and sink
⦁ Wipe away stains on fronts and sides of cabinet and polish faucet
⦁ Wash bathtub and shower walls
⦁ Clean glass and mirrors


⦁ Clean and Disinfect outside of appliances and inside requested ones.
⦁ Clean and Disinfect stove knobs, refrigerator door handles and top surfaces (countertops etc.)
⦁ Clean inside of microwave
⦁ Dust/Polish all stainless-steel appliances
⦁ Wipe away grease and food stains from fronts of cabinets.
⦁ Clean tables and chairs.


• Bring a vacuum to a maid cleaning. *For health & sanitary reasons we CAN use yours.
• Bring a toilet bowl brush to clean inside of toilets. *For health & sanitary reasons we CAN use yours.
• Moving of any furniture that may cause damage to a person or property.
• Clean without electricity.
• Clean without plumbing. *We prefer to have hot water.
• Cleaning homes that are infested with bugs of any kind
• Clean large areas of floor by hand
• Use of ladders higher than 8 feet
• Cleaning of cat litter boxes
• Handling of human or pet feces
• Handling of human or pet vomit
• Cleaning the inside of fireplaces
• Washing clothes by hand
• Clean the outside of windows. *We DO have a contractor available
• Stepping on countertops to clean on top of cabinets

We also give our clients the flexibility to book:

⦁ Daily

⦁ Weekly

⦁ Bi-weekly

⦁ Triweekly

⦁ Monthly

Booking online gives you the comfort of adding and removing features to see what is best for you. Like choosing from eco-friendly or general cleaning supplies and selecting polishes for your appliances and furniture at no additional cost.


⦁ Trained and certified
⦁ Insured & Bonded under K.I.U. Cleaning Inc.
⦁ Required to wear a face mask while in your property
⦁ Required to wear gloves while in your property
⦁ Required to wear shoes if requested at all times
⦁ Not allowed to smoke, or use profanity at your property
⦁ Not allowed to eat lunch or take breaks in your property