Turn-Over Cleaning Services

Our Turn-Over cleaning service is top of the line! Our Team Members enter the unit to be turned with a detailed plan of execution.
We have Turn-Over cleaning experience and we know the proper tools and techniques to use to get in and out in a timely manner leaving your property tenant move-in ready without the headache of explaining over and over the expectations.
Our Team Members start from the back of every unit and work towards the front. We also, start from the top and work toward the bottom. This old technique guarantees that nothing is missed!
Team Members have a specific amount of time to invest in each property and this makes it easier for the client to know when to move in their next tenant.


• Remove all reachable cobwebs and dust air vents.
• Remove, wash and replace light fixtures.
• Wash ceiling fan blades.
• Dust all baseboards, *Wash, stained ones.
• Wash clean and polish inside and outside of all interior doors, cabinets and drawers.
• Sweep, Mop and Vacuum all floors throughout.
• *Wash all windows, tracks and frames (inside) and interior doors inside and out.
• Wash clean all surfaces and remove stains from countertops.
• Clean and disinfect all doorknobs, light switch plates.
• Polish wood fixtures and Stainless Steele appliances.


• Detail clean and sanitize all toilets, sinks, tubs and showers (shower walls).
• Wash away splash marks on walls by toilet and sink.
• Wash away stains on fronts and sides of cabinet and polish faucet.
• Clean all towel bars and accessories.
• Clean glass and mirrors.


•Clean inside/outside of appliances, including microwave (we do not move gas stoves to clean behind).
• Clean and Disinfect stove knobs, refrigerator door handles and top surfaces (countertops etc.).
• Dust/Polish all stainless-steel appliances.
• Clean tables, chairs and other furnishings for furnished units.


• Move and or clean behind gas stoves.
• Moving of any furniture that may cause damage to a person or property.
• Clean without electricity.
• Clean without plumbing. *We prefer to have hot water.
• Cleaning homes that are infested with bugs of any kind.
• Clean large areas of floor by hand.
• Use of ladders higher than 8 feet.
• Handling of human or pet feces.
• Handling of human or pet vomit.
• Cleaning the inside of fireplaces.
• Clean the outside of windows. *We DO have a contractor available.
• Stepping on countertops to clean on top of cabinets.